Board Member

Marjorie Vandow


Marjorie and her husband Richard Fields have been members of BJ since 1994. Margie and Richard are active in BJ’s Refugee and Immigration Committee: Margie leads the immigrant legal assistance effort while Richard leads a refugee employment group. Previously, they worked together on BJ’s Superstorm Sandy relief effort. Margie has served on the BJ Hebrew School Advisory Committee and was the lay leader of a Task Force on student mitzvah engagement. Margie loves her work as a special education mediator for the New York Peace Institute. She practiced corporate law for over 13 years, in private practice and as General Counsel of Merrin Financial. She is retooling her skills in order to serve immigrants pro bono and has taken her first cases. Marjorie is a proud alumna of Young Judaea’s Year Course in Israel. She earned her B.A. in political science from the University of Rochester and her J.D. from George Washington University. Marjorie and Richard have two children, Gabe and Rebecca, both of whom attended BJ Hebrew School. At the time of Gabe’s Bar Mitzvah, Richard and Margie serendipitously discovered that Richard’s great, great grandfather was the President of BJ when he died in 1922.