Program Guide

Our members and spiritual leaders share a vision of a diverse, dynamic, and approachable community that offers many paths to Jewish prayer and supports one another in our spiritual quests. We are committed to honoring tradition, while re-imagining and innovating our practices to be more accessible and relevant.

Use this page to navigate all of our programmatic offerings.

Adult Learning

We offer a wide variety of learning opportunities to explore Jewish life, meditation, and other cultures, taught by our rabbis, rabbinic fellows, Hazzan, staff, and guest teachers for all levels. Additionally, we are committed to creating rich programming as well as opportunities for conversation about the ever-changing landscape of Israeli society, politics, and culture.

Our Music & Concerts

Music is an essential value of BJ. Rooted in a long tradition of music at the core of spirituality, we are joined at each service by some of the world’s most gifted musicians, elevating our voices and souls, and deepening our connection to prayer. Our seasonal Micki Levin Concert Series showcases leading musicians from the spheres of Jewish and world music.

Prayer & Spirituality

Prayer and spiritual practice are at the heart of the Jewish experience. At BJ, we engage in a diverse spiritual practice—bringing us closer to God, to one another, and to our deepest yearnings.

Shabbat is central to spiritual life at BJ. Through our daily minyanim, there are multiple opportunities each day to gather in community and maintain a spiritual practice.

Affinity Groups and Havurot (Small Groups)

The BJ family may be large, but it is warm and close-knit, and our bonds are deep, loyal, and lifelong. Through small groups, our Aviv 20s and 30s program, and volunteering, we give of ourselves to co-create the larger community that is B’nai Jeshurun. In times of need, whether it’s a home cooked meal, or a shoulder to lean on, we take care of each other.

Social Justice & Activism

We believe this world needs more justice, more equity, and more love—and we work toward that prophetic vision every day. BJ has long been involved in social action and social justice work, from working to create a safe space for those suffering from HIV/AIDS in the 80s, to fighting for marriage equality in New York State. Today, we support refugees and immigrants, tackle food insecurity, and participate in a community sustained agriculture initiative (CSA), to name a few.

Support & Guidance

BJ is the protective sanctuary where we come together to rejoice and share in the milestones in each other’s lives. We celebrate all milestones of all members, including our multifaith and multiheritage individuals and families, as well as individuals who are converting to Judaism.

When you are celebrating a birth, B-Mitzvah, or marriage, or when you are mourning the loss of a loved one, the BJ community and our spiritual leadership provide a deep sense of connection and ritual as you mark the profound experiences of your life.