Facility Rentals

BJ has a variety of spaces to hold many types of events, from small gatherings, to large parties of 350 people, to lectures with up to 700 attendees. Rooms are available for both members and non-members on weekdays and weekends. BJ does not offer in-house catering but has a selection of preferred vendors to choose from.

Reach out to rentals@bj.org to discuss facility rentals.


The BJ campus includes the Sanctuary building on 88th Street and the Community House on 89th street, which are connected by a beautiful brand new link. All spaces are accessible. The main floor of the Sanctuary has no fixed pews.

  • 88th Street Sanctuary: 3,600 sq ft, with access to Frankel Hall, kitchen, and coat room. Maximum capacity of 700 people.
  • 88th Street Frankel Hall: 2,000 sq ft, with direct access to the kitchen and coat room. Maximum capacity of 200 people.
  • 89th Street Reception Room: 1,300+ sq ft, maximum capacity of 150 people.
  • 89th Street Middle Room: 950 sq ft, maximum capacity of 90 people.
  • 89th Street Rabbi Rachel Cowan Chapel: Maximum capacity of approximately 130 people.
  • 89th Street 3rd Floor Gym: 3,000+ sq ft, maximum capacity of approximately 310 people.
  • 89th Street 4th Floor Classrooms: Four available classrooms with maximum capacity of 20 people each.