Mahzor Ledor: An Intergenerational Family Mahzor

We are excited to announce that BJ has produced an intergenerational family mahzor that invites and supports reflection and connection for all ages in new ways. The mahzor has prayers in Hebrew as well as English translation and transliteration, includes thoughtful commentary and discussion questions, and features artwork from many of our BJ families, teens, and children.

At this special moment, as we start a new year and inaugurate our Mahzor Ledor, we hope you will consider dedicating one or more mahzorim with a personalized nameplate.

This is a wonderful way to commemorate a birthday, anniversary, B-Mitzvah, or other lifecycle event; to honor loved ones who have passed; or to celebrate a holiday spent together as a family or your love of BJ. Each dedication is $54 for a customized nameplate that will be placed in a BJ mahzor used for our family services. You are also welcome to purchase a mahzor for your home.

Questions? Email Miriam Kersey.

Enormous gratitude to Ed Brill and the fund he established in memory of his wife, Miriam Siroky, which underwrote the creation of this project.