New Parents

Celebrate the birth of your baby with a naming ceremony: Brit Milah for a boy or Simhat Bat for a girl.

A Brit Milah ceremony can be done at your home. Depending on availability, you may also rent space at BJ for this ceremony. Please call the BJ office for more information and mohel recommendations.

At BJ, a Brit Bat takes place during Shabbat morning services. The new parents will bring the baby up to the bima for an aliyah, and they will receive a special blessing from the rabbi and a certificate. Having your Brit Bat during Shabbat services allows your new baby to be welcomed into the BJ community in a holy and public setting. It is a beautiful moment for your entire family.

Before these ceremonies, the BJ rabbis would love to meet with the soon-to-be and new parents! Contact Billie Di Stefano to schedule a baby naming. We invite you to explore our room rental offerings.

Every new BJ baby will also be sent a “BJ’s Newest Member” onesie, so remember to confirm your mailing address when you call to let us know about your simha.


Rabbi Mark Cooper

Emily J. Blake, MD
Liberal Mohel for interfaith families

Dr. Daniel Lehman
Urologist, when surgery is needed

Meals for New Parents

When a baby is born, the BJ community reaches out with a loving hand by providing meals for the family.  If you have recently celebrated a birth in your family, please contact Billie Di Stefano, who can provide you with information about meals. If you’d like to be on a list of volunteers who sign up to cook when a baby is born, please contact Billie Di Stefano.