From “Angels in America” to “Transparent,” from “Bent” to “Yentl,” we will set out to explore the intersection of Jewish identities and queer identities in film and television. Are these identities separate or influence each other? Do they stand in juxtaposition or do they complement each other? What does it mean for these characters to be Jewish AND Queer, and how does it shape their trajectories?

​Led by Stav Meishar, we will watch excerpts from these works (warning: contains spoilers!) and analyze these questions together using biblical, contemporary, and academic texts, layering Jewish history, Jewish thought, midrash, and more in our deconstructing and reconstructing of these characters’ journeys.

About Stav:

Stav Meishar (she/they) is an award-winning performance maker, interdisciplinary stage artist, researcher and educator. Their work seeks to intersect history and current affairs by mixing together tools from the worlds of theatre, circus, and contemporary performance, exploring the power of art as a narrative and investigative tool for inciting change.

As a dedicated historic researcher, writer and lecturer, Stav’s research spans their many interests, intersecting Jewish history, circus history and/or queer history. Their research has been presented in academic conferences, festivals and public events throughout the world.

Now based between Bristol and NYC, Stav is proud to be a queer and neurodivergent immigrant of Middle-Eastern and Jewish origins. Their work will always and forever be shaped by those lenses.