Adonai Eloheinu

A Sacred Song about the Ten Commandments
in the Jewish Moroccan tradition

By Rabbi David Abuhatzera,
performed by the Ben Zvi Piyut Ensemble


Adonai Eloheinu gave us through Moses our master
A lesson of good so offer God thanks for this good

My beloved descended to His garden to sanctify us as a bride
His precepts God commanded us: avoid evil and work at good

On the holy day of Shabbat the sixth day’s eve in that month
The bridegroom married his bride—as kin who share what is good

His banner protects me with love for my beloved is exalted above ten thousand
God comes from Sinai: all may see this good

I am and You shall not have—a word is a thing that can kill or revive
God is and subsumes all time and is the ethical and the good

Blessed is He and blessed His name who commanded his people
You shall not take His name in vain, God said: not good

The day of Shabbat is calm with no distress or sigh
Joy and felicity give voice and here: the light is good

This day’s gift to you, if you will honor it all your days
And your father and mother—a long life and also the good

God’s image and reflection: You shall not murder for you shall die
Including animals and beasts for God is to all only good

Have courage You shall not commit adultery and God will not rage
Not an angel or seraph but God who loves days that reveal good

Keep your distance from those acts—do not steal or cover up
Just the law of Moses—taste it and see how good

Acquire but don’t resell the truth—responding as inflamed with drink
Don’t covet and remember the precepts always—you won’t suppress the good

Vital and holy One exempt us—pure and ethical One answer us
Accept our prayer for more than life itself the kindness of your love is good