Initiatives to Support Israel and Humanitarian Aid in Gaza

Below is an evolving list of ways to support our Israeli siblings and those providing humanitarian aid in Gaza, through giving and action.

Take Action

Advocate for the Hostages in Gaza

Take one minute a day to advocate for the 240 hostages being held in Gaza. Call your congressional representatives daily and tell them to pass the upcoming resolution to bring the hostages home. One Minute a Day has automated the whole process—so it literally takes just one minute to call all four of your representatives.

Run 2 Bring Them Home Now | Sundays

Sundays 11:00 AM Central Park and 90th Street

Organized by the Hostage and Missing Families Forum, this weekly gathering brings the Upper West Side community together to demand more action to release the hostages still held in Gaza. Each week there are one or two speakers, often including family members of those in captivity. People gather for 20 minutes and then run or walk the bridle path around the reservoir. Bring Israeli flags and/or signs.

Sing and Pray for the Hostages | Saturdays

Saturdays 6:00 PM Marlene Meyerson JCC Manhattan, 334 Amsterdam Avenue at 76th Street

A weekly song circle and havdalah to pray for the release of the hostages, led by Rabbi Joanna Samuels, CEO of the JCC and member of BJ.

Rally at UN Secretary-General Residence | Fridays

Fridays 9:00 AM, 3 Sutton Place

Join the Hostages and Missing Families Forum every Friday at the official residence of UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres to demand release of the hostages held in Gaza.

Join the Families and Missing Families New York group on WhatsApp

Join the Families and Missing Families New York group on WhatsApp to receive information about events happening in the New York area:


World Central Kitchen

WCK is first to the frontlines, providing meals in response to humanitarian, climate, and community crises. WCK provided meals to those displaced in Israel, as well as continues to innovate and adapt in an ongoing response in Gaza and Lebanon, preparing tens of thousands of daily meals and working alongside local partners.

UJA Federation New York

UJA Federation New York is mobilizing urgently needed relief for the people of Israel. The Israel Emergency Fund provides emergency cash assistance for victims of terror. Critically needed trauma counseling. Care for children in shelters. Burial expenses. Funds to relocate people to safer areas.

Fund packages for families and soldiers

In light of the ongoing situation Amutat Ma’avirim Kadima (Pay it Forward) and Bnei Akiva Bak’a Jerusalem are preparing packages with food, games, and books for families, and packages with food and hygienic necessities for soldiers.

Contributions can be made via:

  • JGive (via Bit or credit card)
  • Paybox
  • Bank Transfer to Ma’avirim Kadima r”a,
    Bank Leumi (31), Branch 012, account #: 095694
    (please indicate that the reason for the transfer is “Emergency in the South”)

Those needing a receipt can contact

The donation is tax deductible in Israel. All those working for the amuta are volunteers.


ITPE has set up a donation system to support Israel immediately. Funds raised will go directly to devoted associations and organizations that work around the clock with us, dedicated to saving lives, aiding families, and supporting soldiers in all emergency situations.

Magen David Adom

As always, the men and women of Magen David Adom are risking their lives to save the lives of others.

Now, more than ever, MDA needs your help.

Support Israel’s Medical & First Aid Teams

AID Coalition is providing funding, directly and indirectly, for the following:

  • Post-Trauma psycho-social support, helping providers of this time sensitive and critical service;

  • Appliances and supplies to displaced members of kibbutzims from the South, who fled their homes as they were under attack;

  • Clothing and supplies provided by organizations such as Brothers & Sisters in Arms, to those in need;

  • Medical supplies and first aid kits;​

100% of donations received are transferred, subject to U.S. and Israeli laws, to Israeli organizations that support and promote our vision and are true to our principles. Other than fees charged by the banks, AID Coalition does not retain any amounts from the donations received.

Support Tzedek Center’s Work

Urgent aid for frontline residents in Israel! Tzedek Centers, Hashomer Hatzair and Nachshonim are now operating an emergency apparatus that provides broad and immediate aid in the Swords of Iron war. Their action includes:

  • Educational activity and support in public shelters in Ashkelon, Ashdod and Be’er Sheva, supporting frontline communities with no ability to evacuate.
  • Educational and emotional support for evacuated kibbutzim that are stationed in Eilat, Ein Gedi, Kfar Menachem and Givat Olga, which includes educational support and activity, relief for parents, and provision of various basic needs.
  • Hosting for evacuated families in the Givat Haviva seminar center and in private homes of volunteers.
  • Organizing volunteers for action in cities across the country, joining municipal aid forces, cleaning and setting up shelters, public aid hotlines, gathering food and equipment donations for Gaza area residents, babysitting children of medical staff, and more. We are in need of financial support for transportation, lodging, and equipment for families

Elem – Youth in Distress in Israel

ELEM, which has always provided critical mental health support in emergency situations, has expanded its online services and is providing as much support as possible to youth to try and mitigate trauma. Some youths have been evacuated, and some have seen their families die right in front of them.

Your support at this time will allow Elem to replenish its van fleet (2 of their vans were destroyed at the Nova Music Festival), which is crucial as they’re opening multiple pop-up locations for evacuated youth. They also need funds to allow for additional pop-up locations, hiring more staff (many of their staff were called to serve), providing humanitarian aid for young mothers at risk, and more.

Funds for Hatzolah Air Israel Operations

Since October 7th, Hatzolah Air Medevac helicopters that we operate in partnership with Magen David Adom have been flying throughout Israel 24/7.

In addition to transporting injured civilians and soldiers, MDA/HA Medevacs have continued their emergency flights across the State of Israel.

Hatzolah Air’s fixed-wing aircraft have been active in the region, as well, flying supplies and personnel to Israel and flying in and out of the country with advanced medical teams performing complex rescue missions.