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Thanks to You

We are filled with gratitude as we share with you, our beloved community, the results of the 2023/5784 Kol Nidre Partnership Appeal. We not only reached our goal by December 31, but exceeded it!

Our Kol Nidre campaign is not about any one person, but about our entire community. Please see some statistics below about how we all came together to raise these funds.

Heartfelt thanks to all of our Kol Nidre supporters for helping to make this happen. This was an incredible start to our fundraising year, and represents just one opportunity to support B’nai Jeshurun. As many of you know, the Kol Nidre campaign covers only a portion of BJ’s fundraising efforts and operational needs. Please consider supporting BJ in one of many other ways.

Our thanks again to all of you. Looking forward to a year of learning, prayer, hope, and peace through our continued support of B’nai Jeshurun.