Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word

The process of forgiveness is integral to the spiritual work that this season demands of us. While Sephardim move through the season with a daily practice of Selihot (literally meaning forgiveness), there is an Ashkenazic tradition of coming together on the Saturday night before Rosh Hashanah for this practice, using melody and poetry to open up our deepest yearnings to embody the person that we are called to be. Throughout the process of teshuvah more broadly, we ask those whom we have hurt to forgive us, and (perhaps even more difficult) we ourselves are called upon to forgive others. Join us as we explore the complexities, limitations, and transformative power of forgiveness during this season of return.

Becoming Wise

Becoming Wise Podcast: Evil Forgiveness and Prayer with Elie Weisel

When words bring you closer to the prisoner in his cell, to the patient who is dying on his bed alone, to the starving child, then it’s a prayer.” Elie Wiesel z”l, the beloved writer known for his memoir of the Holocaust, Night, spoke of the power of prayer and forgiveness in the wake of profound suffering.

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The Power of Forgiveness: A Hamilton Rewrite for Elul

Prepare for Selihot with BJ Teens as they perform an Elul rewrite of “It’s Quiet Uptown,” from Hamilton. As you listen to this song about the power of forgiveness, the teens invite you to share in the comments what forgiveness means to you.

Nizahker Venikatev

Nizakher Venikatev: A Reflective Guide for Forgiveness and Selihot

Explore the deeper questions that are evoked in the piyutim and liturgy along with the broader complexities of forgiveness in our lives. Dive into this reflective guide for forgiveness and selihot.

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On Forgiveness: Rabbis Shai Held and Joseph Telushkin in Conversation

Forgiveness is extremely important but also enormously difficult. It raises questions that elude easy answers: When should we forgive? Why should we forgive? Are there situations in which we should not (may not) forgive? If forgiveness is so important, why is it often so hard? Join us for this timely exploration of what it means to forgive (and not to).

This American Life

This American Life: Anger and Forgiveness

In this episode of the award-winning radio show This American Life, host Ira Glass leads us through stories that reveal the societal “trend” toward anger and away from genuine forgiveness.

Responsa Radio

Responsa Radio: After a Bad Breakup, Must I Ask Forgiveness of my Ex?

Ever wanted to know the answer to some deep and challenging questions in halakhah (Jewish law)? Join Rabbi Avi Killip in conversation with Rabbi Ethan Tucker answering questions sent in by Yeshivat Hadar alumni and others about all sorts of details of Jewish law.

Men speaking into a microphone

Selihot from the Great Synagogue of Jerusalem

Get a taste of this extraordinary example of Selihot from the Great Synagogue of Jerusalem, led by three of the greatest living paytanim (authors of liturgical poetry): Rabbi Haim Louk (the preeminent living performer of Moroccan and Andalusian music), Ye’hiel Nahari (a leading hazzan in Syrian tradition), and Moshe Louk (the son of Haim Louk, continuing in the Moroccan tradition.

Breaking down the Yamim Nora'im

Breaking Down Selihot

What exactly is Selihot? What are we singing about and does it always happen so late at night? Learn the answers to these questions and more as we break down Selihot for you!