Shoah Stories

Saved in Hiding

Written By: Myriam Abramowicz

What Does It Mean To Be a Child of Holocaust Survivors?

Written By: Avi Ashman

My Family’s Story: Kovno, Lithuania 1941-1945

Written By: Asya Berger

Frida’s Gift

Written By: Madeline Cohen & Elizabeth Cohen

From Rovne, Against All Odds

Written By: Rochelle Friedlich

One Family’s Voyage on the St. Louis

Written By: Sonja Geismar

Judah Nadich

Written By: Shira Nadich Levin & James L. Levin

My Father’s Escape From Warsaw

Written By: Barry Lichtenberg

How an Artist and His Family Survived the Holocaust

Written By: Anne Millman

Back to Stories & Articles Growing Up With a Shadow

Written By: Arnon Mishkin

The Sun on Paneiru Street

Written By: Esther Mishkin

Perseverance, Strength, Hope, and Faith: The Survival of George & Julia Nelson and Ethel Greengold

Written By: Les Nelson

Childhood Memories of Survival from Prague

Written By: Tom Reiner

Lost Worlds Found: Recovering Our Family History

Written By: Susan Sanders

Yom Kippur Memorial: A Prayer of Thanks to the Generation of the Holocaust

Written By: Ron Taffel

Hiding Time

Written By: Susan Thal

The Shoah and My Family

Written By: Estare Weiser

Surviving the Vilna Ghetto

Written By: Martin Zuckerman