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Our lives are constantly busy because we’re always spending time doing — working, planning, studying, commuting — and not always spending time being — breathing, reflecting, observing, accepting. We can attain inner stillness, peace, and calmness in our lives by taking time to slow our pace, locate quiet among the noise, and acknowledge the feelings, thoughts, and sensations in our bodies. Practicing mindfulness is paramount to our physical, mental, and spiritual health. As a community and as individuals of all ages, we can foster wellness in our daily lives with meditation, breathwork, and reflection.

Mindfulness Kabbalat Shabbat

On the third Friday of every month, join us for an intimate Kabbalat Shabbat, weaving together meditation and music with liturgy and learning. Led by Rabbi Shuli Passow, Cantor Dave Mintz, Elana Arian, and Jessie Reagen Mann, this service offers an uplifting vehicle for moving into the stillness and beauty of Shabbat. Services begin November 15 at 6:15PM, and take place in the Rabbi Rachel Cowan Chapel. Contact Kristen Kersey with any questions.

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