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Kadima B’Bayit

Learning, Growth, & Families

This year, we will be continuing our Kadima B’Bayit: an educational model that will give ALL families with children going into 3rd-6th grade the opportunity to receive one-on-one advising, learn with other BJ families, and personalize their learning in a fun and self-paced way! Sessions will begin in November.

This year, our Essential Question is:

  • How do I add my unique voice to the chain of Jewish tradition? 

Learners will cultivate a relationship with God and Torah and will wrestle with Torah with reverence in order to find life relevance.


One-to-One Advising

For this school year, families will be partnered with a BJ guide who will guide and support them  along their Jewish journey as a family.  Each family will meet monthly with their guide for 45 minute virtual sessions ( these can be in person if both the guide and the family agree).The guide will assist families in developing learning goals, offer resources for families to learn together between sessions, and  act as a support  for families who are exploring their unique connection to  Jewish history, texts, traditions, and rituals.

If you have any questions or would like more details on Kadima B’Bayit please email Mike Witman. We hope to have the opportunity to learn and work with your family!

Online Module

Speaking with Torah

In this module, families will wrestle with the first of the five books of Torah, Bereshit (Genesis) and begin to explore its relevance in their lives. Families will explore key questions such as what does Torah mean to me and what does it mean to us as a family? How can Torah help shape our thoughts, behaviors, and voices in the world? And how can I add my unique voice to Torah?

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