BJ Teen Program Executive Board

Teen Executive Board

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The purpose of the BJ Teen Executive Board is to elevate and advocate for the BJ Teens and collaborate with the BJ Youth Educator with improvements to the BJ Teen Program. They strive to be role models for incoming BJ teens and younger generations, by showing up and through their actions, they model what it means to be a Jewish teen at B’nai Jeshurun, specifically in the transition from B’nai Mitzvah to the BJ Teens Program. They create a safe space for BJ Teens to come together for holidays, Shabbat, group learning and trips, tikkun olam, and fun. Each year, the BJ Teen Executive Board researches and advocates for a tzedek mission for the board to focus on for the year, and designs programs around this tzedek mission throughout the year.

Current Members:

President: Sari Bovitz

Vice President – Social Action & Organizing: Eliza Anker

Vice President – Membership & Communications: Sammy Bovitz

C0-Development Chairs: Celia Lambert & Hannah Diker

Jewish Life Coordinators: Orli Hockenstein & Matan Marder Friedgood

Tzedek Coordinators: Annie Bovitz & Abigail Behrendt

9th Grade Membership Coordinator: Eden Holden

10th Grade Membership Coordinator: Scarlett Schwimmer

11th Grade Membership Coordinator: Eliza Stulman


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