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Opening the Gates: What is Heshbon Nefesh?

Heshbon Nefesh, literally “Accounting of the Soul,” is a process of introspection. It is a deep examination and a personal inventory of our behavior, motivations, and relationships with others, aimed at fostering self-improvement and growth. We reflect on who we are and make strides towards becoming who we want to be. We particularly focus on seeking forgiveness from those whom we have harmed and offering forgiveness to those who have harmed us. 

Consider the things you want to continue doing in your life and what you want to change. What practices have brought you joy? What toxic patterns do you want to break? Who in your life has nourished and nurtured you? Who has tried to diminish or dismiss you? How might you begin to heal from the pain you have experienced this year? How might you open your heart to loving kindness?