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Mitzvah #4: Hear Megillat Esther

What actually is Megillat Esther?

Megillat Esther is the literal scroll of parchment that the Hebrew text of the book of Esther is written on, but is most often used to refer to the story itself. The megillah is read twice on Purim, and BJ will host services for the community. You can read the full text of the megillah here

What should I expect when hearing the Megillah?

To add to the festive atmosphere that runs through the entire holiday, the megillah reading can be particularly raucous. Some readers might use different voices when reading the character’s lines, act out the scene being described, and make noise whenever Haman’s name is mentioned. It has become customary to boo, stomp, or use a noisemaker (commonly called a “grogger”) to “stamp out Haman’s name”—metaphorically blotting out his evil nature from the history books. Learn more about what to expect during megillah reading here.

Is there anything else I should know before hearing the Megillah?

Yes, we’d love to celebrate with you! Join BJ to hear Megillat Esther at our community reading or our Early Childhood celebration!