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Kadima@BJ On-site COVID-19 Policy

Please read below for our most up-to-date protocols for returning to Kadima@BJ in person for January 2022. 

This plan has been formulated based on guidelines from the CDC, the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOHMH), and our peer programs, building upon BJ’s Re-entry Task Force August report and campus operations plan. These guidelines are based on the conditions on the ground today. As such, they are subject to change if conditions change.

All those entering the BJ Campus will:

  • Have their temperature checked.
  • Answer the health screening questionnaire.
    • Online health screening: Each Tuesday, prior to Kadima@BJ arrival, parents are required to fill out a health screening on the Remini app. You should have received an invitation to download the app, if you have not, please email Rachel Barnehama.
    • If the screening is not complete, or indicates a reason for the child to stay home, children will not be allowed to attend school.
  • BJ now requires KN95/N95 or surgical masks to enter the BJ Campus. Cloth masks are not acceptable.

BJ Campus access is restricted to those who are fully vaccinated if 5 years old or older, including boosters if eligible.

  • All students 5 years and older will be required to submit proof they are fully vaccinated, and boosted if eligible, before participating in indoor in-person programming. No exceptions. Please click here to submit proof of vaccination. (If you are unable to access the form because you do not have a Gmail account, please email proof of vaccination to Danielle Freedman.)
  • All parents and caregivers must show proof of vaccination, including boosting, in order to enter the building. Please have the Excelsior app or other proof ready to show to security.

All classrooms have proper ventilation and HVAC filters.

All students will continue to sit three feet apart.

Kadima@BJ will remain virtual following all school vacations and closings and return in person no earlier than one week later.

COVID-19 Questions

Who is required to be vaccinated to attend Kadima@BJ?

  • As of January 3, 2022, all students 5 years and older are required to submit proof they are fully vaccinated before participating in indoor in-person programming. No exceptions. Please submit your proof of vaccination here.
  • After a child turns 5, they will have eight weeks to submit proof of vaccination to remain part of in-person programming.

What does Kadima@BJ consider “close COVID-19 exposure” to be?

Exposure to a known positive within six feet, or greater than 15 minutes indoors.

How should I communicate with you if my child or someone in my household is exposed to COVID-19?

Please email Mike or Rachel with details about the situation as soon as you are aware that your child or someone in your household has been exposed to COVID-19.

What is the policy about coming back to BJ if my child (vaccinated or unvaccinated) has been exposed to someone with a confirmed positive case of COVID-19?

Please read BJ’s COVID-19 exposure policy. Please note, our policy, which was developed in consultation with our COVID-19 Re-Entry Task Force, exceeds the recommended CDC guidance to ensure the utmost safety of our community.

What is the policy about my child attending Kadima@BJ if someone in my household (but not my child) is exposed to COVID-19?

Your child may attend Kadima@BJ if someone else in your household was exposed to COVID-19. An exposure to an exposure is not an exposure.

What is the policy about my child’s attendance if they are fine but someone in my household is not feeling well (headache, sore throat, fever, etc.) and has not yet been evaluated for COVID-19?

If you have multiple children, all must stay home if one is sick. By the same token, if one of your children starts feeling sick and needs to go home early, all children in your household must isolate until pick-up and go home early until symptom-free with negative PCR test results.

If the person who is unwell has a negative PCR test result, siblings who are not exhibiting symptoms may attend Kadima@BJ.

How will you communicate with me and what procedures will you follow if someone in my child’s Kadima@BJ class tests positive for COVID-19?

If someone in your child’s class receives a positive test result after having attended Kadima@BJ, we will inform the class immediately via phone or email. The class will be instructed to quarantine for 10 days and that Kadima@BJ class will remain virtual for the duration of the quarantine.

If my family has traveled internationally, when can we return to Kadima@BJ?

  • Please monitor your symptoms closely after returning from international travel.
  • Upon return, take a PCR test on day 5 or after. If you are unable to access a PCR test, you may take an antigen test immediately before attending Kadima.

If my child’s classroom at primary school or after-school group at another activity is instructed to quarantine or needs to close, what do I need to know about when I can send them to Kadima@BJ?

Please follow the instructions above for quarantining.

If my child is exhibiting symptoms (e.g. a cough) but a doctor sees them and attributes the symptoms to something other than COVID-19, can they come to Kadima@BJ? Do I need to share documentation with you?

Yes. You will need to provide documentation for us to review, including a negative antigen test, before returning to Kadima@BJ.