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a first-timer | an old-timer | a regular | an irregular | a skeptic | a believer | gay | straight | bi | trans | a young adult | an old soul | Sefardi | Mizrahi | Ashkenazi | a grown up | a grown-up-who-never-grew-up | Jewish | Jew-ish | an Orthodox Jew | an Unorthodox Jew | a Reconformaservadox Jew | a questioner | a zealot | married | single | a family | interfaith | a teen | an octogenarian | an empty-nester | reverent | irreverent | a Jew of color | a Jew by choice | a little of this and that?

Perfect. So are we. BJ is a non-affiliated, egalitarian Jewish community, rooted in social justice and dedicated to activism. No matter how you define yourself, if our values resonate with yours then you have a home here.

Sound interesting? Then let’s get to know each other! Get in touch today to learn how you can take an active role in shaping and supporting our very special spiritual home.

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Welcome! Thank you for inquiring about becoming a member. We are delighted to welcome you to our congregation. Please click the button below to request a membership form. This form is only for brand new members. If you have ever been a member at BJ before, please request a renewal form instead.

Prefer to chat before signing up? Please contact Matthew Davey, Membership Services Manager, by clicking the button below to schedule a time to talk and learn more about joining our community.

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You have a home here!

Students and Young Adults

BJ has a diverse community of young adults — professionals and students, singles and couples — committed to creating a Jewish life that is meaningful, relevant, and dynamic. Members receive discounts to programs and Shabbat dinners for Aviv (our 20s and 30s group), as well as access to all of our members-only programming.

Our students and young adults are thriving contributors to our community, and we want membership to be accessible to those at this stage of life. To those whose financial circumstances allow you to join at the sliding scale rate associated with your income, we say — thank you very much! To those who prefer to set their own membership dues, we say — thank you very much! No matter your financial situation, there is a place for you here.


Jewish families of today are diverse and ever-changing. We provide a home to a broad, evolving membership while at the same time maintaining Jewish tradition. We offer regular services tailored to children from toddlers to teenagers, in addition to classes, lectures, parent workshops, immersive experiences, BJ Theater Company, and a robust curriculum at our Hebrew school, Kadima@BJ. B’nai Jeshurun gives you a rich learning experience and the opportunity to be immersed in a living, thriving model of Judaism.


There are many ways for community elders to engage, share their wisdom, and be supported at their later stage of life. BJ’s social group for older adults, Connections, organizes social and cultural programming, while our adult education classes stimulate the mind and soul on a range of topics. The Renee and Norman Kaufman Wise Living Program brings members together in small groups to explore the spiritual aspects of retirement, aging, and the various transitions of life. Our many volunteers give of themselves to create a caring community that reaches out and offers support to seniors, the homebound, and those who are ill, while our partnership with DOROT includes a part-time social worker on staff to provide a range of services to members 60 years of age and older.

Out-of-Town Members

Out-of-town members are a special part of the BJ community. This past year, members joined us from as nearby as New Jersey to as far away as the Philippines! The past few years have taught us that not only is it possible to create and sustain community in an online space, but also that we can continue to develop and nourish strong and fulfilling connections over distance. We are committed to the ongoing enhancement of our multi-access approach to programming and services, and will continue to offer out-of-town members multiple and varied ways of engaging within the community, including classes, virtual social events, and leadership opportunities for committees.

No matter where you live, we welcome you to join the BJ community and find ways to learn, connect, grow, and give of your own special gifts.

How much are membership dues?

Membership dues are determined by a sliding scale based on income level and household type. You may use the calculator below to find your membership dues amount. If sliding scale dues are not affordable for you, all members have the option to pay what they can by setting their own dues. Finances are never a barrier to participation in the BJ community, and monthly or quarterly payment plans are also available.

Estimate My Dues


The membership year is from July 1 through June 30. You can choose one of the following membership categories:

  • Individual: One adult (with no children who live with you).
  • Family: Two or more individuals living in a partnered relationship, with or without children; single parents with children living at home. Family membership includes children 26 years and under.

You will not be asked to provide financial documentation supportive of your income; we ask instead that you select the accurate income range for your household. If you join after October 1, dues are prorated each quarter.