Jewish Summer Camps

Every summer BJ is proud to send a number of kids to a variety of different Jewish summer camps. From day camps to sleep-away camps and outdoor adventures to the traditional summer camp experience, camp has something to offer everyone. See below for just a sample of the different Jewish summer camps that BJ members attend. Be in touch with Mike Witman to find a camp that is right for your family.


Union for Reform Judaism:

Young Judea:

Habonim Dror:

UJA Federation:

Bebe Bronstein Scholarship

We are pleased to offer BJ members the opportunity to apply for scholarships for their children who will be attending a Jewish summer camp or program.


Words From BJ Campers

  • “Camp helped shape me into the Jewish person I am today. It taught me how learning about Judaism and the Torah isn’t only fun, but also relevant to my life.”
  • “Camp is the best thing that’s ever happened to me, and it holds the biggest place in my heart. My summers of indescribable experiences and eternal friendships have enabled me to find my home and meet my family. Thanks to camp, my connection to God as well as my love for Judaism and Israel only continue to grow”.
  • “Shabbat at camp is the most special experience anyone could witness. You are with your best friends, singing at the top of your lungs, surrounded by 500 other people sharing the same experience as you. Everyone loves being together and being Jewish together. It feels like nothing in that moment can go wrong, like you are on top of the world”
  • “Camp instilled in me a passion for Judaism–I’m inspired, I take pride in my Jewish identity and I’m an active Israel advocate in my community. That wouldn’t have been possible without camp”.