Looking to Leave a Legacy? Join BJ’s Or Hadash Society

BJ’s Or Hadash Society is dedicated to fostering a lasting legacy of support for our community. Through a planned gift, you can help shape BJ’s future in a deeply meaningful and enduring manner. Your commitment as a member upholds cherished BJ traditions and fuels the growth of our spiritual home. Forge a legacy that serves as a beacon of shared values and unwavering dedication, ensuring the lasting success of BJ through legacy gifts and planned contributions.

Receive tax benefits while leaving a lasting legacy with planned gifts through wills, trusts, retirement accounts, life insurance, and charitable gift annuities, while maintaining flexibility to modify your gift if your needs change. A planned gift allows you to align your philanthropic goals with tax-efficient strategies while maximizing the impact of your contributions.

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Questions about legacy giving? Email advancement@bj.org.

From Our Or Hadash Giving Circle

Les Nelson

“Both at times of joy and of sorrow, BJ’s spiritual leaders, staff, and the broader community have been there for me. I have seen the significance of what BJ has done and continues to do within the BJ community and more broadly in the Jewish world. With a focus on helping BJ to sustain itself financially for the future, I have made a significant bequest to BJ’s Endowment given the important role that the endowment plays in BJ’s financial health.”

Donna Nadler

“I am so proud to be a member of BJ for all that BJ gives to me and to the Jewish community worldwide. I am committed to BJ for its vision and significance in the advancement of the Jewish community in New York, across the country and around the world and want to ensure that BJ and its important work will continue for many, many generations to come. Therefore, I have named BJ the beneficiary of one of my IRA accounts.”

Carol Gelles

“BJ has always been a source of joy for me even, or maybe especially, in times of sorrow; that joy is priceless. But as a single person with no family to support me I feel the need to be careful with my finances to ensure that I can adequately support my needs in my lifetime. But mentioning BJ in my will allows me to express my gratitude without impacting my finances. Though I will not be there to benefit from my donation, my heart is full knowing that BJ will be able to change and enrich lives for generations to come.”

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