BJ’s core values are reflected every Shabbat by bringing families and our whole community together. Our services—full of music and spirituality—show the essence of our community as we strive to share approachable and accessible Judaism, to ensure that everyone feels included and welcome. At BJ, we believe that education is about modeling authentic experiences of Jewish life, and we’re excited that our Shabbat Model program embraces BJ’s celebration of Shabbat.

All BJ families are welcome at Shabbat Model—please note the programming is designed with our 3rd- through 6th-grade students in mind.

Students enrolled in grades 3-6 at Kadima@BJ are expected to attend at least two Shabbat Model services a month. Please select the services that are the best options for your family! (You must be a BJ member, but you do not have to be enrolled in Kadima@BJ to participate.)

  • Shabbat Model services will be on the first and second Shabbat of each month.
  • Each Shabbat Model service will also include learning and a Shabbat meal.

Shabbat Model on May 3 and May 4 will include a special celebration for our 6th-grade students!

6th-graders: Be sure to also register for the 6th-Grade Shabbaton for the full 6th-grade Shabbat experience.

(For families not enrolled in Kadima: if your 6th grader is already registered for the Shabbaton, be sure to enter your code at checkout as Shabbat Model is included in your Shabbaton fee. Contact Calle if you don’t have the code.)

There is no Friday Night Shabbat Model next week.

Please register by 12:00 PM on April 28, 2024.

For questions and more information, please contact Calle Schueler.