Join us for a catered Shabbat dinner hosted by Hazzan Ari Priven. Enjoy enriching opportunities for learning, singing, and fostering meaningful connections within our community.

With a sliding scale fee, we encourage you to register at the price that’s right for you.

BJ Members:

  • Supporter: $45
  • Standard: $36
  • Discount: $25


  • $45

It is our intention that everyone who wants to celebrate Shabbat in community is able to do so, and our tiered pricing system strives to make these dinners accessible to all. Due to increases in costs, we have had to raise the prices for all three tiers. Even so, these prices do not reflect the entire cost of the dinner. Please consider making an additional donation to help support this Shabbat program. Thank you!

Finances should not be a barrier to entry; if you need additional support to attend the dinner, please contact Sinead Carucci.

The Community Shabbat Dinner takes place the third Friday of each month. Click here to see upcoming dates.