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Coronavirus Update: March 15

Since our communication late Saturday night, we have consulted both the New York State and New York City public health departments.

As we shared last night, we have learned that a community member has tested positive for COVID-19. They attended Shabbat morning service on March 7, where they sat in the front left of the Sanctuary. They attended the Bat Mitzvah kiddush in Frankel Hall after that. They did not attend the community kiddush on the 3rd Floor, nor were they present at Kabbalat Shabbat on March 6. They were not symptomatic on March 7.

Both the city and state public health departments shared the the following guidelines for those who were present at Shabbat Services on the morning of March 7 in the Sanctuary, and/or attended the Bat Mitzvah kiddush in Frankel Hall following services on March 7:

  • Self monitor for COVID-19 symptoms: fever, cough, shortness of breath
  • Should you detect symptoms: self-isolate
  • Should your symptoms continue for more than 48 hours: contact your healthcare provider for further direction
  • For further information, please visit BJ’s COVID-19 page which offers links to city, state, and communal resources

Both the city and state health departments confirmed that all event guests do not need to self-isolate unless they are symptomatic, and testing is not recommended unless they are symptomatic for 48 hours. Everyone should of course feel free to reach out to their healthcare provider for further guidance.

Both city and state health departments confirmed that closing the entire BJ Campus for deep cleaning and disinfecting is the appropriate and recommended response.

This morning, more than 35 BJ members and friends joined Roly, Felicia, and Ari for a Zoom minyan, including mourner’s  Kaddish. It was beautiful to see the community connecting in this way. Click here for BJ’s Prayer-at-Home page, with links for all of our virtual minyanim and prayer-at-home resources.

We will be faced with new challenges and, together, we will find the strength to support each other and to continue to live in community, even if virtually. Again, please remember, we are here for you, email if you need pastoral support, and either Alan, Suzanne, or Colin for non-pastoral concerns.