Book of Remembrance

נֵ֣ר יְ֭הוָה נִשְׁמַ֣ת אָדָ֑ם

The soul of a person is the candle of God

Proverbs 20:27

Four times a year we gather together in community for Yizkor, to remember family and friends and members of our beloved community who have died, whether more recently or long ago. It is traditional to light a candle in anticipation of Yizkor as an expression of the preciousness of the human soul, truly an expression of God’s light. One human being has the ability to illuminate each of our lives and the world in such profound ways.

This is a sacred collection of names, short stories, and remembrances of those who helped shape our lives and the life of the BJ community. How are their memories a blessing? What did we learn from them? How did their deeds impact us? In their absence, how are we changed?

As we recite Yizkor, remember our loved ones, and mention their names, we commit to carry forth their memory by honoring their lives and pledging to carry forth their legacy in our day-to-day existence.

May these recollections which we share with one another as part of our beloved BJ community help bring light, comfort, and hope.

Zikhronam livrakha—may their memories continue to bless us and inspire us to lives of dignity and purpose.

5784 Book of Remembrance

Our virtual Book of Remembrance will launch at the closure of the Yamim Nora’im, after Shemini Atzeret and Simhat Torah. The book will be live on the BJ website all year. To find out more, contact Julie Reisberg.

Remembered by Name of loved one Message
Rachel and Mark Klein Barbara Epstein Loving mother, wife & Bibi.
Morton Epstein Loving father, husband and grandfather.
Louis Klein Loving father and husband.
Anita Golbey Maurice Golbey In loving memory
Ethel Adlerstein In loving memory
Julius Adlerstein In loving memory
Helen Kaplan In loving memory
Marilyn Kohn Max Kohn Beloved father and husband, whose legacy we will always treasure
Sara Kohn Beloved wife, mother and nana, who is missed and always remembered
Amy Landesberg Marcia Landesberg Beloved mother, mother-in-law, and Nana. We miss you every day. May your memory remain a blessing.
Harold Landesberg Beloved father, father-in-law, and Pop Pop. We miss you every day. May your memory remain a blessing.
Leonard Ebin Beloved father, father-in-law and grandfather. We miss you every day. May your memory remain a blessing.
Paul Ebin Beloved physician, brother and supporter of Israel. We miss you every day. May your memory remain a blessing.
Judy Gitenstein Bernice Narins Gitenstein My beloved, elegant mother, the youngest of five, who kept the family memory alive, yahrzeit to yahrzeit. I have picked up where you left off.
Milton P. Gitenstein My dear father. You taught me to act ethically and from the heart, especially when no one’s watching.
Deborah Carol Brudno The best big sister and friend I could hope for. I am still motivated by your discipline and desire to live life fully.
Ross George Gitenstein My big, protective brother. You died at six but in that short time you instilled a lifetime of memories. I see you everywhere.
Judy Gold Harold Gold Loving husband, father and grandfather. A true gentleman.
Ruth Gold Loving wife, mother and grandmother. Her sense of humor will always be missed.
Lauren Friedland Hilda Meninsky Friedland I admired my mother’s incredible determination to rise above much adversity to make a good life for herself and her family. She infused my life with optimism and wise insights.
Nathaniel Friedland My father tried, with the horrific challenge of Multiple Sclerosis, to do all he could for those he loved. He infused my life with a wonderful sense of humor, a strong work ethic, appreciation of all things artistic, and loving devotion.
Frank Meninsky My maternal grandfather, Frank Meninsky, emigrated to this country from the Ukraine when he was just a child. He told me that his family left the Ukraine because of the Pogroms, and stories about how he first spoke English with such pride in front of his classmates in a school in the USA. I am a practicing Jew, here today, with a grateful heart because of him.
Elizabeth Greenstein Mina Greenstein 1935-2020
Marvin Greenstein 1929-1974
Nilda, Stephen, Isaiah, Alex & Micah Dicker Daniel Dicker Beloved father, father-in-law and grandfather. Memories of his warmth and gratitude are always present.
Josefa Torres Beloved mother, abuela, and mother-in-law. The stories we tell keep her memory alive.
Ada Torres Beloved sister, aunt, and sister-in-law. Her beautiful voice and genuine kindness are greatly missed.
Luis Torres Beloved brother, uncle, brother-in-law and teacher. Whenever his name is mentioned, smiles and laughter follow. His joy at family gatherings is greatly missed.
Rosa Torres-Cruz Beloved sister, aunt and sister-in-law. Her devotion to family and tenacious determination will be remembered forever.
Martha Ginsberg Harold Ginsberg Loving husband, father, and grandfather; loyal friend; best storyteller; life of any party and all around mensch.
George R. Golden Abraham A. Golden Loving Father and Physician
Cissie R. Golden Caring Mother and Community Volunteer
LIsa Sobelsohn Martin Yarvis A loving father, and grandfather. Dad/grandpa was involved in all of our lives, sharing his passions with us. He will always be remembered in our hearts.
Lisa, Richard, Rachel, Robert and Andrew Sobelsohn
Joan Luft Ruth Luft My beloved mother and best friend. I will miss her forever.
Stuart Slavin Helene Slavin Beloved Daughter, Sister, and Aunt. We miss her everyday.
Daniela Sciaky Isabella Sciaky Mother and grandmother. Cooking for this Rosh Hashana reminds us of all the good food were prepared by you and the aunties.
Daniela Sciaky, Reed, David and Sara Corderman
Isaac Sciaky Father and grandfather. We miss your smile. Wish you were here this Rosh Hashana to lead the prayers in Ladino.
Daniela Sciaky, Reed, David and Sara Corderman
Beryl Abrams Celia Levi Abrams A loving mother who died too young
Michael & Antonio Geller Ellen Geller Most Beloved Mother
Leah Geller Loving Grandmother
Samuel Geller Loving Grandfather
Beatrice Fink Loving Grandmother
Irwin Fink Loving Grandfather
Paula Scaringi Beloved Friend
Jennifer Damiano Beloved Friend
Barbara Blum Fannie & Sol Moss Loving parents
Sonia & Milton Blum Loving in-laws
Sarah & William Bilenker Aunt and uncle, but like parents
Leonard Blum Devoted and loving husband, father, and grandfather. You are missed and thought about everyday.
Isabel Berkowitz Helen Berkowitz
Max Berkowitz
Seth Berkowitz
Debra Cohn Morry Wrobel A kind, generous, and wise father and grandfather, of invincible spirit; deeply missed and forever in our hearts. Debra, Zachary, and Benjamin
Julie Kantrowitz Lionel Kantrowitz Our dad loved life and his family with his whole heart. He was a devoted husband and father but his best role was being a grandfather. He would be so proud to see what incredible adults they have grown up to be. It is always around the holidays that his presence is missed the most. His memory is our blessing .
Lisa Trub Barry Trub The dearest son and brother, a treasure and a world to all of us.
Mimi Lox Aaron Lox A warm loving father
Elsie Lox A loving caring mother
Gwen Schwimmer Robert Schwimmer In memory of my beloved father
Barbara Schwimmer My beloved mother who is deeply missed and cherished.
Robin Soren Howard Soren A wise learned man who was a beloved husband, father and grandfather.
Gilbert Spitzer Ray and Harry Spitzer You remain in our hearts forever.
Evelyn and Leon Glaser Memories of your kindness and wisdom stay with us.
Carol Dikman Steven Dikman, MD Steve is missed by all who loved him. But he is remembered by everyone and loved by his two young grandsons who he never had the chance to hug
Joan and Steven Goldstein Ruth Heffler Incredible woman, ahead of her time! Today Ruthie would be urging everyone to speak up and to vote!
Herbert S. Heffler Hi great joy was knowing that he made people happy, so please think about Herbie and smile
Jack Zalon Beloved Poppy Jack
Alice Goldstein Beloved Dai-Dai
Gaskel Goldstein Beloved Poppy Goetz
Milton S. Heffler He taught us what unconditional love is and how to give and receive it.
Bernard “Bud” Goldstein His family and friends miss his beautiful smile
Jay Leites Beloved friend, we miss you!
Edith Brenner Rousen Beloved Nanny Idka
Sam “Sender” Brenner Beloved Grandpa
Abraham Heffler Beloved Grandpa Abe
Bertha Heffler Beloved Nanny Becky
Evelyn Zalon Beloved Nanna
Meryl Ravitz Philip Ravitz A loving father, who passed 34 years ago and will always be missed.
Tillie Perlstein A loving wonderful grandmother and mother. She passed 35 years ago and is still missed! She is always remembered by her Granddaughter Tori being named after her.
Isadore Perlstein A loving grandfather and father who passed 40 years ago and is missed. His granddaughter Tori Isabella’s middle name is for him.
Jerry Popick Loved his granddaughter and stepchildren. Passed this year and is in our memories.
Melvin Berger Doris Pleshko A loving wife, mother and grandmother.
Samuel Pleshko A loving husband, father and grandfather.
Estelle Berger A loving wife, mother, grandmother and great grandmother
Martin Berger A loving husband, father, grandfather and great grandfather.
Amanda Hofman Esther Goldfine Beloved mother, wife, sister, and daughter. We live our lives honoring her and her values!
Myriam Abramowicz Menahem Mendel Yitzok ben Gershon v’Ita Father
Léa bat Gershon v’Tauba Mother
Jenny Ita bat Menahem Mendel Yitzok v’Léa Sister
Tzvi Arieh ben Menahem Mendel Yitzok v’Léa Brother
Rita Rosenkranz Sol Rosenkranz A loving father and grandfather, and our guiding light.
Marvin Krislov Joseph Krislov Loving father, husband and son.
Evelyn Moreida-Krislov Loving mother, wife, and daughter
Annette Zygmunt Samuel Zygmunt A tender, kind ,loving and devoted father – the best role model I could have ever had
Susan Viuker Lieberman Joseph M & Florence Katz Viuker Beloved Father and Mother whose example set my life pattern
Lillian Batt and Ernest Katz Wonderful grandparents
Jennie and Sam Viuker Beloved grandparents
Sidney Landau Elegant, gentleman,well respected and beloved husband
Thomas Reiner Much beloved erudite, caring husband. I miss him everyday .
Alison Pepper Aimond Pepper Father and Grandfather, Great Grandfather and Lover of Life and Family
Henrietta Pepper Dearest mother and grandmother and great grandmother with a joie de vivre and travel and dedication to family
Nevin Leigh Pepper Beloved brother, left us in his 18th year. Never forgotten
Vivian Yale Dearest friend and confidant held always in my heart.
Sarah Baron Artie Gaffin A wonderful uncle with a beautiful smile who knew how to make everyone feel special.
Laurie Goldberger Judith A. Goldman A loving wife, mother and grandmother…. forever in our hearts
Gene Goldman A loving husband, father and grandfather….forever in our hearts
Joyce Klestzick Karen Klestzick My dear,sweet living sister who I miss every day.
Jack Richard Henry Richard Esteemed father
Ida Richard Beloved mother
Elaine Richard Wonderful wife and mother of Mark and Susan
Mim Warden Seth Kasten The friend who introduced me to BJ — and to Judaism!
Faith Schwartz Robert S. Schwartz Robert Solomon Schwartz, son of Lillian and Charles Schwartz, father of Rebecca Fischer, also a loving brother and uncle, will always be remember by BJ and other synagogue, labor, dance and music communities where he was active. He was a great and supportive activist and friend, beloved by many, many friends. A good father, friend, activist. Rob Solomon Schwartz will always be remembered in the communities he was known.
Shayne Lazar Moish Bernstein Loving Husband, Father and Grandpa, who made us laugh and love life. His light still shines brightly in the hearts of his family and friends.
Ricki Lieberman Lillian and Lester Radlo Their memory continues to be a blessing to all who knew them.
Alfred Litman Belle Litman A proud Jewish New Yorker whose ethics, dignity and hard work serve as an an example for her children and grandchildren who she dearly loved.
George Litman A bright light in any room that was extinguished much too early. He was a caring husband, father, and son-in-law, unique in the manner in which he brought pleasure to his family. He will always be missed.
Betty Jane Jacobs Walter Jacobs A sweet, and loving husband, father, and grandfather who taught us much about kindness and baseball.
Gwendolyn Jacobs A force of nature throughout her 101 years. She loved children and grandchildren mightily and they loved her back.
David Salz Herman and Sylvia Salz A loving mother and father. They will be missed
Molly Shapiro Aunt
Sandy and Selma Leavitt Parents
Barbara Kane Albert Nathaniel Gold Beloved father, whose erased memory is now reinscribed. I mourn your passing and cherish your gift of life to me
Brad Roberts Benjamin Greene Beloved Father
Ginny Greene Funny, loving mother and grandmother
Milton Roberts Adored and loved parents and grandparents
Evelyn Roberts Adored and loved parents and grandparents
Rosalind Cohen Adored and loved parents and grandparents
Robert B Cohen Adored and loved parents and grandparents
Shirley Goldberg Adored and loved parents and grandparents
Joseph Goldberg Adored and loved parents and grandparents
Robert A. Cohen Beloved cousin of Robin, Brad, Romy and Jaime Roberts. He is missed each and every day.
Mark Rubin Gloria Weinberg For my Aunt who was a loving wife to my Uncle Edwin Weinberg and mother to my Cousins Sondra, Marcy and Scott Weinberg.
Seymour Rubin For my hard working Father who took the family on numerous summer vacations all over the U.S.A. and tried to help me with my public school math homework as best he could.
Thelma Rubin A loving wife and mother who would read bedtime stories to me when I was a child and helped to educate me as best she could with my homework
Debbie and Ron Wechsler Arlene Wechsler A loving wife, mother, grandmother and great-grandmother who will always be in our hearts.
Debbie Biegelson-wechsler Jean Biegelson To my mother- A woman ahead of her time…unafraid to speak her views. She will be missed.
Sidney Biegelson An extremely kind, gentle, principled individual who is always in our hearts.
Barbara Reissman Suzanne Reissman Such a wonderful, kind, generous in all ways, enthusiastic, creative and intelligent person who died a few months ago. Her Sephardic heritage was fundamental to her inner peace and strength.
Achsah Guibbory Bathyah Guibbory My beloved mother, and a devoted, faithful wife.
Moses Guibbory My beloved father, a unique person, driven by his vision, yet believing in women’s equality, and always telling me “justice, justice, shall you pursue.”
Tony Kaufman Beloved husband for almost half a century. Much missed, and always in my heart.
Stephen Friedgood Sophie Friedgood There is an empty space in our souls for forty seven years. We never really finished our lives as mother and children. We started to merge your love into our lives, and then you were gone. We love you and miss you.
Robin Radus Irma Radus A devoted and deeply feeling person, she helped everyone she could. Her talents are as keenly missed as her absence is felt.
Ellen Hirsch Jessica Hirsch Beloved daughter with a special gift for listening and a wonderful laugh.
David Hirsch Loving, loved and devoted husband.
Sharon Guten Ann E. Guten Beloved mother
Paul W. Guten Beloved father
Gary N. Guten Beloved brother
Steven Morey Greenberg Rhoda Greenberg Beloved Mother.
Joseph Greenberg Beloved Father
Mollie Weisenfeld Honored Grandmother
Paul Weisenfeld Honored Grandfather
Bertha Greenberg Honored Grandmother
Isak Greenberg Honored Grandfather
Rita Epstein A Great Friend
Carl Epstein The Best Friend Anyone Could Have
Marlene Halpern Bernard Halpern A loving father and grandfather who was always there to catch you and lift you up
Rose Siegel A strong and loving mother, grandmother, and great grandmother who at the age of 12 brought her siblings across the Atlantic and was fearless throughout her life
Joseph Halpern A loving grandfather who instilled in me to fight for social justice and whose legacy is on by our son Jacob
Mae Matika Goldman Camhi A grandmother who carried the Sephardic heritage from Monastir to New York and bequeathed her granddaughter and great grandson their Spanish citizenship
Irving Goldman Father and grandfather who bestowed intelligence onto his children
Kathryn Wolfson Barbara Wolfson Warm, energetic, life-loving mom, grandma, and aunt
Lisa Elkin Alfred Kronthal A kind and loving father, grandfather, husband and friend. His heart burst with love for those he left. He made the world a better place and we will carry him in our hearts always.
Flori Pressman Josh Pressman The best husband and father, always in our hearts.
Judy Rachelle Bertha Mitnick generous Mother who gave me my life
Jane Potter Joseph Potter We always hear your words. Pax-Amare-Gaudium.
We miss you Dad!
Robin Goodstein Julian Goodstein Loving Father
Andrea Goodstein-Curtis Best sister and friend. So missed.
Alyse Goodstein Cousin and wonderfully friend
Deborah Ramer Carole Swerdlove She was generous, fun, kind, loved, and wise. She will always be missed
Cyril Ramer, M.D. A beloved Doctor and mother. She believed in making the world a better place, and she did. She will always be missed.
Gail Berney Hilda Isselbacher Berney Caring, loving mother
Arthur Berney Loving, devoted father
Johanna Isselbacher Oma who saved the family
Herman Isselbacher Singing, proud Opa
Sophina Berney Devoted Grandma
Frederick Moser Caring Step-Grandpa
Henry Isselbacher (Aspirational) sax playing Uncle
Marga Isselbacher Loving Aunt
Alfred Isselbacher Funniest Uncle
Carmen Isselbacher Quiet, strong Aunt
Robert Faneuil Phillip Faneuil Although my Dad died at the age of 59, he was my hero and role model. Family meant everything to him. He instilled in his children that charity begins at home. Every day for the past 43 years I have thought of you. Love Robert
Irene Faneuil Although Mom lived out the golden years without Dad, she always had a smile on her face. She was a loving wife, mother and grandmother. She always wanted the best for her children. A day does not go by that I do not think of you. Love Robert
Edward Faneuil Edward you were the best brother. We were inseparable. Like Dad family meant everything. Your sudden death 14 months ago shattered all of us. You stood by me during my illness. I miss you every day. Love Robert
Marisha E. Krupkin Michael Krupkin My dad was passionate about family, friends and his cultural heritage. He taught us strong Jewish values and the holidays meant a great deal to him and therefore to us, his children. I feel deeply connected to him especially at the High Holy Days. His memory is always a blessing.
Norman Jacobson in memory of our dear friend Norm, the friend who we got to choose as family.. Krupkin and Neier Families.
Ilse Schindler An Auschwitz survivor, Ilse was an extraordinarily close and loyal friend to our family. She is sorely missed, especially at Yom Tov.
Dennis S. Neier Murray Neier My dad was one of the kindest and hard working people I have ever met and I miss him every day.
Kitty Neier My mom lived to 91 and was totally independent and sharp right up until the end.
Gayle Waxenberg Marla Brecher Beloved sister who left this world to early.
Edith and Milton Waxenberg Beloved parents, grandparents and great grandparents.
Leena and Israel Waxenberg Beloved grandparents
Esther and Abraham Balter Beloved grandparents
Mary Damiano Beloved, remarkable and heroic grandmother.
Suzanne Schecter Harriette Schecter My mom was put on earth to be my mother. Nothing meant more than to be that role for my sister and me. Miss her every day.
Fred Schecter Idiosyncratic and devoted Dad. He was a pip – and I miss him dearly.
Esther Gerson Fairytale grandmother. Lost my nanny when I was 16 – and I still dream of her all of the time.
Jules Gerson My tough and powerful “Papa” – nothing was more important to my grandfather than providing for his family – and that he did and more. I hope he looks down from above with pride for what he made possible.
Rise Dimson Norma Small A full life until 102.
I Maxwell Small A caring son brother husband grandfather great grandfather and father.
Amy Feldman Sandy and Mel Feldman In memory of my parents
Stephanie Weiner Irwin Weiner
Arnold Geismar
Sara Fuxman
Pearl Weiner
Sam Weiner
Freya Meier
Lisa-Karyn Davidoff Bernard H. Bergman Loving father and grandfather who is missed every day . A hero with a Bronze Star & Purple Heart ( Korean War), and artist, who loved conversing with everyone who had the pleasure of meeting him.
Sally Schoen Bergman Loving mother and grandmother missed every day . A portrait artist, film historian , theater historian, a true Renaissance woman.
Robert G. Davidoff Loving father and grandfather missed every day. A true definition of the word “ mensch”.
Esther Schneier Davidoff Loving mother and grandmother, missed every day. A woman admired and looked up to every day .
Howard Davidoff Loving brother , brother in law and uncle. He is missed every day.
Wendy Rosner Norman Silver A loving husband, father, grandfather and teacher. He will always be missed.
Shirley Abraham Yehuda Abraham “When a great man dies, for years the light he leaves behind him, lies on the paths of men.” – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Mark Offitzer Always in our hearts
Maia Offitzer “What we once enjoyed and deeply loved we can never lose, for all that we love deeply becomes part of us” – Helen Keller
Irwin Brandon Arlene Brandon My wife….a light who lifted all of us….
Sarah Lazin Hannah Lazin Beloved mother.
Charles Lazin Beloved father.
Olga Ryzowy Walter Ryzowy A loving husband, father, grandfather and friend. You are always on our hearts. We miss you a lot
Lori Sattler Eugene Sattler Husband, father and grandfather-he is missed every day.
Mark Weisstuch Victor Weisstuch Loving father, adored grandfather. A survivor of the Shoah, confronted life with fortitude and indomitability and offered abundant love to all children.
Rachela Weisstuch A devoted wife, a caring and loving mother, an adoring and beloved Bubbie. A survivor of the Shoah, a role model of courage, resilience and faith.
Rose Frimet Loving wife and mother, adored grandmother and great grandmother. She is missed.
Irving Frimet Beloved husband and father. Adored Poppy. His memory is a blessing.
Leon Steinberger Loving husband and father, beloved brother in law. He will be remembered always.
Sarah Weisstuch The sister I never knew whose 7-year old life ended abruptly in Birkenau. She is always remembered.
Chana Weisstuch The sister I never knew whose 4-year old life ended abruptly in Birkenau. She is always remembered.
Steve Dikman Steve Dikman Steve will always live in our hearts.
Mandy Braun Frank Braun A steady person in my life..a great grandfather
Eva Braun I’ve heard many stories about this grandma I never knew
Morris Muraven My grandpa always with a sparkle in his eyes
Edith Muraven The grandma who gave me the best massages ever.
Jacob [Jack] Braun My ever loving father who was a life inspiration
Sonja Braun My mom, a woman ahead of her times
Amira Margalith a deeply missed cousin
Judith Rosenbaum Bela Wolkoff Rosenbaum Bela bat Max v Shana Malka
my loving , compassionate, wise and beautiful mother. Her strong values remain my moral compass. She is with me always, especially at prayer.
Max Rosenbaum Menachem ben Avraham v Rose.
A loving and wise father . He had a passion and zest for life that was contagious. He is with me every day, as I think, “what would Dad say?”
Susan Frankel Jules Cary Frankel He loved BJ with every fiber of his being and lived to lift up the Jewish people with song. He is missed every day.
Jack Stern Frances Stern A loving mother, grandmother, and wife. May her memory be for a blessing.
Judith C. Stern Esther E. Cohen A woman of valor … a loving mother, grandmother and wife. She was a blessing to all of us.
Allan Cohen A loving husband, father, grandfather he lives on in all of us who knew and loved him.
Henry Stern A loving father and husband.
Jane and Ron Berenbeim Sarah Katherine Berenbeim Much loved daughter, sister, and friend. Missed every day.
Janet Sullivan Amely Sullivan Witty, creative mother, wife, BJ member, survivor of Nazi Germany, she was so happy to find BJ
Armand Pierro Life lover and adventurer, smart, sassy husband, father and grandfather
Joseph Saltiel Renee Saltiel A loving wife and mother.
Yehuda Saltiel Loving father and grandfather
Sara Saltiel Loving mother and grandmother
Henrietta Saltiel Loving mother
Abner Fischer Loving father
Rose Fischer Loving mother
Meir Ben David Loving husband
Stacy and Sydney Marcus Marty Popee Marcus 10 times the years
10 times the tears
10 times the love
sent to Popee up above
We STILL love you Dad
Josh Krepon Michael Krepon A loving father and husband who dedicated his life to peacemaking and family.
Dorthy Levinson Moses Baeer ben Racheal Yitzhak
Gitl Baeer Bat Malka Yehuda
Marsha Boer Dominique Boer Smart, sweet husband, partner and playmate, Loving father of Kimberly, Ben, Emilie and Philip. Opa to four beautiful girls. You are always in our hearts.
Miriam Ruth Cohen Mom, you set the example of a strong woman and you were the best grandma. The love you gave us is the love we give you back. You inspired us and we will always miss you.
Harold “Heshy” Cohien Father, grandfather, great-grandfather. You made us laugh with your silly jokes and you inspired us with your radical politics. We will always fight on. in your memory.
Susan Bernstein George Bernstein He was my father, best dad in the world
Martha E. Sherman Lucille K. Sherman. Her smile lit the world. She was treasured by all who knew and loved her.
Albert H. Sherman Kindest and wisest husband, father, grandfather and great- grandfather. Beloved by all.
Alexis Black Evan Black In memory of my Dad and in gratitude that Hashem made me his daughter. Our family dearly misses him and hopes that his soul is at peace.
Brian O’Donnell My Aunt Brian was a blessing to all that knew her and our family is grateful that Hashem did not prolong her suffering. May she rest in peace.
Ellen Harris Doris Schwartz Mom was a force of nature until COVID took her from us at age 97. We think of her and miss her every day.
Prusan Lilian and Nathan Prusan Remembering my parents Lilian and Nathan Prusan
Susanne Catinella Nicholas Catinella Loving husband, father, brother and friend. You are missed every single day!
Susan Zinder Samuel B. Zinder A good husband, loving father, grandfather, brother, cousin and friend, a brilliant businessman, ready to help any Jew in need, a brash, unique and rare man and rare letter writer who called it accurately
Harry Zinder Beloved husband, brother, father and grandfather, always a proud Jew
Jean Zinder Beloved wife, sister, mother and grandmother, underestimated in her life but remembered for her love and brilliance
Sharon Hirsch Beloved daughter, sister and cousin, 34 years gone far too soon
Lucille Hirsch Beloved wife, mother and grandmother, when I fight for choice I fight for her and her mom
Bernard Bruno Hirsch Beloved husband, father and grandfather, dynamic lover of life
Sheldon Derzon Beloved husband, father, grandfather and uncle, notably passionate for his wife and family
Elaine White Pachter Soulmate to my father and strong, determined and dedicated matriarch to her extended family. She solved problems and kept family advancing and cared for. Her superpower was beauty: its creation, appreciation and sharing in all forms. Her hospitality was legendary.
Jonathan and Shirley Glick Feder Franklin J Feder Beloved Grandpa and dedicated synagogue leader.
Ruth Mercur Feder Remarkable teacher, community legend and adored Grandma.
Albert Glick Bigger than life Pop Pop.
Frances Cotler Glick Undaunted Granny Franny was beloved.
Stephen Mercur Feder Kid brother who passed too soon.
Ellen Perecman Rivke & Gershon Perecman Always in my thoughts. My mother and father who defeated Hitler.
Charles Honig Charles Honig An exceptional husband, father, grandfather and human being. We will miss you forever.
Gary Honig A beloved son, brother and uncle who left us far too soon.We will miss you forever.
Faye Cohen Our cherished mother and grandmother who exemplified kindness, love and acceptance.
Lester Cohen Our beloved Father and Grandfather who died so young.
Fanny Cohen My incredible grandmother who did so much for me.
Moe Cohen My kind, patient ,loving grandfather.
Armand Pierro A brave, funny audacious person, husband, father and friend
Hindy Kisch Alexander Kisch Beloved husband and father. Humanist. Caring Physician. Gentle Man. Proud Jew. Greatly Missed.
Jerry Goldfeder Rose Goldfeder Loving wife, mother and grandmother.
Sam Goldfeder Loving father, husband and grandfather
Phil Yaker Loving father, grandfather and husband
Gertrude Yaker Loving mother, wife and grandmother
Sheryl Checkman Berenice Checkman Missing my wonderful mother every day.
Joseph Checkman For my father, you left way too soon.
Paula Kramer Weiss Elayne Kramer Loving daughter, wife, mother and grandmother, extraordinaire!
Irving Kramer Loving son, husband, father and grandfather, and a wise judge of the law.
Nathan Albert Weiss Loving son, husband, father and grandfather.
Madeline Zawel Steve Zawel Beloved and very much missed by wife of almost 50 years, sons, grandchildren and many family and friends. Always in our thoughts and hearts.
Carmel Green Mavis Hirschowitz Most beloved mother and granny.
Solomon Hirschowitz Treasured and beloved brother,
Max Hirschowitz Beloved father and zaida.
Sheryl Green Hymie Green Beloved father and grandfather.
Michael Lebowitz Ruth Lebowitz Loving mother
Philip Lebowitz Loving father
Sam Lessinger Loving grandfather
Sylvia Fried Loving mother
Sidney Fried Sidney Fried Loving father
Regina Brab Pearl Brab Beloved mother, you are always in our heart
Samuel Brab Loving father, we miss you always
Yosef Levanon Hannah bat Avraham v’Sarah Levanon My beloved wife, a caring,gracious and thoughtful human being.
Brian O’Donnell My Aunt Brian was a blessing to all that knew her. Our family is grateful to Hashem that he shortened her suffering.
Lynn Povich David Povich Our beloved brother, devoted husband and father of four, and loving grandfather of ten, brought joy to all and will be missed.
Yonah Levenson Marlyn Katz Levenson Loving mom and Bubby. Awesome teacher for ESL and memoir writing.
Reynaldo Guandique Julieta Reyes A loving and exemplar grandma
Elba Portillo A loving and exemplar great aunt, time passes by.
Aminta Portillo A loving grandma, missing her for decades.
Jose Reyes A loving grandfather, still remembering him.
Tomas Guandique He will always be missed.
Leopoldo Vega A mensch, will always be missed by his loving family.
Esperanza Carias A loving grandma, will always be missed.
Wendy Pachter Irwin J. Pachter My father was a kind, creative, curious, intelligent and generous man of integrity who was loved and respected by all who had the good fortune to know him. And his scientific advances saved and improved many lives.
Lawrence Weiss Eugene Weiss A loving husband, father and papa. He will be missed forever.
Evelyn Nathan A loving and devoted mother and grandmother.
Rose Weinberg A loving grandmother who is thought of every day.
Madeline Cohen Herbert Cohen Beloved Father of Madeline and Elizabeth Cohen
Pauline Cohen Beloved Mother of Madeline and Elizabeth Cohen
Lenore Harris-Mann Leah Glasser Harris Beloved Angel on Earth and Cherished Mom from her daughters
Lenore, Rosalind and Karen Harris. Not a day goes by that she is not in our hearts and thoughts and her legacy to us of unconditional love.
Paul Milton Harris Honorable and Loving Father of Lenore, Rosalind and Karen Harris. We lost our Dad when he was in the prime of his life.
He and our Mother Leah were each others great love …their never-ending romance was shown to us on a daily basis. They are together forever..Only death parted them.
Paul Mann Adored husband of Lenore Harris.. A great actor, teacher and humanitarian. Paul was and is, my soul mate. The great love of my life. His artistry made me the human being I became as a woman and actress.
Walter Martin Walter Martin Kind generous caring hard working and loving. Would do for you before he does for himself. Dedicated family man
Miriam Pardo Albert Matthew Pardo My Favorite person on earth. I think of you and miss you every day. You gave me such joy in life. Love you so vety much
My Big Brother. We lost you far too soon.
Sally Pardo My Beautiful mother and Holocaust Survivor. I know she is always looking after me. Love and miss you Mama.
Judith C. Siegel Lenore Weinstein Chused Beloved Mother
Harry Samuel Chused Devoted Father
Julius Cohen No Message
Ivan Kaufman Barbara Kaufman In memory of my beloved wife, so missed.
Lani Doktori Esther Ashkenazi-Funk You are missed by all your family. Rest In Peace
Linda Fredin Josephine Fredin In loving memory of my mother who helped to shape my life.
David Fredin In loving memory of my father who helped to shape my life.
Thomas Fredin In loving memory of a brother whose star dimmed too early. You are always remembered.
Hannah Campbell In loving memory of my aunt, my guiding light.
Gary Frost Benjamin Frost In loving memory of my father who helped to shape my life.
Beverly Frost In loving memory of my mother who helped to shape my life.
Vicki Been Nora Revesz A force of nature; we think of her always
Judith Trachtenberg Edna & Joshua Trachtenberg My parents, to whom I give thanks, appreciation, and much love for all they were to me and so many others
Renie Rutchick To my wife- alive in spirit and with the love of many.
Diane Goldkopf Eliot Soffes Loving father, husband, son. Creative architect and fair minded employer. Generous, compassionate, kind friend and talented photographer. We miss and love you.
Sylvia Dresner Bronia Dresner My beloved and greatly missed indomitable Mother. In my heart forrver
Sylvan Dresner My gentle and wise loving father who left us far too soon. Not a day goes by that I do not think of you.
Sara Pasternak Albert Levine Loving father and grandfather
Gavril & Sandi &Katie Pasternak Loving brother, sister in law and niece
Richard & Laura Pasternak Loving parents and grandparents
Barbara Matalon Henriquez Aaron & Marjorie Matalon In memory of my beloved live on in our hearts forever. Miss you every day , may your memory always be a blessing
Rafael & Georgina Cohen Henriquez Beloved parents and grandparents
Moses & Barbara Matalon Beloved brother and sister of my devoted parents . Doubly blessed
Laurie Graff Steven Levine My only brother, my next of kin, I really loved you.
Harry Melzer A special stepfather and good soul.
Gary Feinstein You lit up my world.
Andrea Feirstein Helen and George Feirstein Know you are watching Sam and Corey with pride. Missing you as we celebrate their milestones.
Andrea and Lior Elrom יהושוע יעקובוביץ Beloved father and grandfather
ברוך הלוי Barry Levites Beloved father and grandfather
Stacey Merel Maynard Merel Beloved father
Frances Merel Beloved mother
Marcy Einhorn Nathan Einhorn Loving, gentle father and grandfather whose memory is a blessing.
Melissa Wenig Joel Leib Gordon His last year of life was made joyful by the online services at BJ. May his memory also be for blessing.
Anne Fried Betty Sherr She gave me life and saved my life. A true Eshet Chayil!
Jack Fried Loving and beloved husband, father and grandfather
Lois Rooks Eleanor Rooks My darling sister and best friend.
Minna Stutzel My cherished mother and friend.
Arthur Rooks A kind and thoughtful and funny daddy who departed far too soon at 43.
Irwin Cohen Frieda Cohen My dear and loving mother
Bernard Cohen My best friend, dear and loving father.
Molly Plotnick A loving and gentle soul. Always in my memories
Joseph Plotnick A kind man who gave all to raise a loving and kind family. Took me to schul and taught me my faith
Philip Cohen My fathers father and my kind but stern man who gave so I would have
Lizzie Cohen My fathers mother who raised a wonderful family that gave me many loving uncles and aunts, wonderful cousins and warm memories
Sherrie Nachman Izydor Nachman Thank your for being my father and giving me life
Evelyn Nachman Thank you for being my mother and giving me life
Stuart Kaplan Rose Kaplan A loving wife, mother, and grandmother who will always be remembered and missed.
Meyer Kaplan A caring father and husband whose name lives on in my son.
Rochelle Kaplan Benjamin Goldberg A husband, father, and grandfather who is remembered with affection.
Doris Goldberg A loving wife, mother, grandmother who will always be missed.
Eileen Kronenberg Bernard Kronenberg Loving Father and Husband
Rose Kronenberg Loving Mother and Wife
Bertha Kantrowitz Loving Aunt
Andrea Bigelisen Abe Bigelisen Loving father
Gertrude Bigelisen Loving Mother
Shirely Kopf Loving mother
Benjamin Mandelsberg Stella Mandelsberg A loving husband and father.
An enduring family matriarch who continually sacrificed for her children.
Barton Green A loving husband and father with a great sense of humor.
Arlene Green A loving wife and mother, creative and artistic, her style and generosity will be forever remembered.
Jacob Gottman A loving husband, father and grandfather whose musical talents made a lasting inpression.
Jean Gottman “Grandmom Jean” to her grandchildren and many others, her kindness will be remembered forever.
Rita Divine Mother, grandmother who brought family and friends together in love
Rochelle Friedlich Barbara Schwimmer A loving friend and courageous woman.
Diane Elliot Leonard Elliot Engaged, loving father; delighted musician.
Florence Asher Elliot strong-willed, deep-hearted mama and grandma; always remembered, ever loved.
Tom Divine Rita Divine The year since your passing has passed as a blur. You are much loved.
Harold Divine Father, grandfather, left an inspiring legacy for family and friends
Dava Schub Philip Schub The proudest Poppy to my sweet Benna Rose and his 6 other beloved grandchildren. Benna held his hand right to the finish line and holds his memory close, reminding me that love remains even when our loved ones are not physically at our sides ❤️
Nancy Simpkins Arthur Simpkins Beloved husband, father and grandfather.
Lori and Max Bricks Stanley Gold Loving father and grandfather
Lillian Bricks Much loved mother and grandmother
Kimberly Weston Margarie Weston-Lamb A loving sister. She will always be missed.
Elaine Heffner Richard Heffner A loving mate, teacher, friend.
Sarah Segal My mother lives forever inside of me.
Joseph Segal My father long gone and long missed.
Nancy W. Greenblatt Sidney L. Wolkenberg Beloved father, adored Pappy, the inspiration for my love of Judaism and Judaic learning
Lilian S. Wolkenberg Beloved mother, adored Nanny
Warren S. Wolkenberg Adored “baby” brother, taken too early, dearly missed
Brian S . Wolkenberg Cherished nephew, adored and adoring human, whose soul lives on with so-o-o many
Nancy Dunetz Marcia Zelda Dunetz She forged her own path as an artist.
Todd Ruback Harriette Schwartz My grandma
Irwin Ruback My father
Mindy Ruback Beloved sister
judy geller-marlowe Joshua and Mildred Geller My beloved parents
Richard Lieberman Gary Lieberman A sweet and generous older brother who fathered me. A role model that men can be loving.
Linda Mentzel My dear dear older sister. Linda loved me and gave me the spirit to live and feel loved. She was my mother.
Darlene Zimbardi Anthony Zimbardi A son, a brother, an uncle, a husband. My father loved to celebrate every holiday.
Wendy McKenna Esther Balsam Mother, wife, sister, daughter. Gone too early but lives on in our memories.
Sidney Balsam Father, PopPop, Husband, Brother, Son. AKA The Ultimate.
Anita and Mike Balsam Loving and beloved aunt and uncle. She danced at our wedding.
Alan Balsam 1950-1992. Left behind so much love.
Sheila Schwid Harry Schwid My father who died before his work was finished.
Dorothy Schwid Who worked so hard to make things better.
Steven Schwid My brother, Who tried so hard to make it work.
Steve Gomer Jesse Gomer Our beloved son
Helena Diamant Glass Regina Landwirth Diamant Beloved mother whose memory I cherish every day.
Karl Diamant Beloved father whose memory I cherish every day.
Regina Zimmerman Neil Andrew Mosesson A loving husband, father, brother and son. hazak, hazak, ve-nithazek.
Manuel Zimmerman A loving father, grandfather, husband, brother and son. Hazak, hazak, ve-nithazek
Este Osofsky Jack and Marilyn Osofsky The best parents in the world!
Nancy Kaufman Miriam Katzen Loving mother, sister and Nana. You are missed.
Lester Katzen I hardly knew you dear dad but I have missed you for the 64 years you have been gone!
Jan Katz Morris Hack A truly righteous man.
Sara Hack A great mother and loving bubbie.
Elana Sydney Stanley Sydney In loving memory of my father Stanley Sydney. A devoted father, husband and grandfather.
Yael Rizowy Charlotte Rizowy A loving Wife and a patient Mother, Charlotte was the definition of A Woman Of Valor. Loved and remembered by many, Charlotte’s spirit is still very much alive!
Jody Baer Michael Baer Loving husband and father
David Plaxe Loving father and grandfather
Roslyn Plaxe Loving mother, grandmother and great grandmother
Suzanne Kessler Emanuel Goldenberg Loving father & grandfather, and dedicated synagogue usher
Mollie Ruben Goldenberg Loving mother who’s been missed for 54 years
Daniel Ben-Joseph Daniel Ben-Joseph The best Aba and Saba. We miss you so much. Your smile, laugh, live and support are with us everyday. We hope you are “taking it easy” now.
Joan Jankell Richard Jankell Dick, you were the world’s best husband, father, and grandfather.
Always in my heart.
Susan Braverman More than 60 years of loving friendship can never be forgotten.
Donna Divine Irving Robinson My father and guide
Lillian Robinson Mother and teacher
Howard Robinson Brother and wonderful companion
Elaine Sheps Mother, Grandmother, “A person of consequence.”
Laurence Golding Elaine Sheps A person of consequence.
Sandra Golding Loving wife, mother, grandmother, aunt, teacher, and most importantly, provider of turkey sandwiches.
Jordan Golding Patriarch, father, grandfather, uncle, counselor and advisor.
Maury Povich David Povich A loving brother who cared so much about our family
Deborah Wallach Helen Rubin A loving devoted mother and grandmother who is deeply missed every single day. She was a treasured blessing to us all.
Elizabeth Levine Theodora Fagell My beloved mother, who adored her children and grandchildren. She was full of life and verve and an infectious, bright personality. I miss her every day.
Cindy Rosenthal Murray Rosenthal My dad. A music and baseball lover – a proud Rutgers grad, and WWll veteran – and a warm and loving father, husband, friend.
Florence Manson Lionel Manson My beloved father
Rosalie Manson My beloved mother
Miki Young My soul-buddy whose light continues to shine
Roberta Stern Harry J. Stern Loving father.
Karen Soren Howard Diren A learned man and a father who was always there.
Marshall Lux Michael Seymour Lux Beloved father, husband, and grandfather
Esther Lux Beloved mother, wife, and grandmother
Roger Moss Beloved father, husband, and grandfather
Eileen Weiss Helen and M. Jerry Weiss The love and laughter in our lives.
Sacks Rosoff Family Jill Schehr Sacks loving wife, mom, and friend who we miss dearly
Fern Sanders Katie Sanders and Laurence Gardner
Charles Borrok Kathy Borrok
Alfred Borrok
Gertrude Borrok Traub
Maurice Borrok
Celia Wallison
Beryl Adams Celia and Sam Abrams
Julie Reisberg Sybil Jayson
Barry Jayson
Naomi Benjamin Reisberg
Harold Reisberg
Gail, Mark, and Lee Reisberg
Ellen Metzger Jacob Sultan Beloved grandfather
Kate Sultan Beloved grandmother
Esther Motta Beloved grandmother
Daniel Motta Beloved grandfather
Benjamin Metzger Beloved grandfather
Leon Metzger Beloved father and grandfather
Gilda Metzger Beloved mother and grandmother
Artie Lange Beloved father and grandfather
Bea Lange Beloved mother and grandmother
Lisa Goldfarb Benjamin and Pearl Goldfarb The best parents, the most wonderful grandparents, and wonderful people
Joan and Steve Cela David Cela A cherished son; a kind and gentle soul.
Judy Geller-Marlowe & Glenn Marlowe Ronald Plotkin & Mel Marlowe Beloved cousin/brother and loving brother, lost too soon.
Shirlee & Danny Marlowe Loving spouses, parents and grandparents.
Mildred and Joshua Geller Loving spouses, parents and grandparents.
Sharyn Feller Pearl Starkman Feller Loving wife, mother and grandmother. Forever in our hearts.
Jacob Starkman Loving husband, father and grandfather
Leah Starkman Loving wife, mother and grandmother
Annette Zygmunt Samuel Zygmunt A kind, generous, loving father and role model.