Adult Learning

Together with BJ’s rabbis, rabbinic fellows, and guest instructors, we invite you to learn together as a community. Join us for unparalleled opportunities to open the heart, expand the mind, and transform the soul.

Rabbi Roly Matalon

Learning opportunities with Rabbi Roly Matalon about prayer—uncover deeper layers of

Rabbi Felicia Sol

Learn about the nourishment and challenge of
the Hassidic rabbis with Rabbi Felicia Sol.

Rabbi Rebecca Weintraub

Learning with Rabbi Rebecca Weintraub about Jewish spirituality and the beginning of our oral Torah.

Rabbi Shuli Passow

A Taste of Talmud: Daf Yomi with Rabbi Shuli Passow. This class meets Wednesday afternoons on Zoom.

Grace Gleason

Join Marshall T. Meyer Rabbinic Fellow Grace Gleason for this Intro to Judaism class. This
course meets Tuesday evenings on Zoom.

Aaron Leven

Aaron Leven

Immediately following shaharit each Friday morning, join in weekly study of the Torah portion with Marshall T. Meyer Rabbinic Fellow Aaron Leven.