One Thing I Ask: A Psalm for Elul

In Psalm 27—the psalm that accompanies us during this season—the psalmist asks only one thing: “to dwell in God’s house all the days of my life.” In a season of deep yearning, what does it mean to seek God’s presence? In these particularly challenging times, how can we orient ourselves toward trust and faith? Join us as we go deeper into the exploration of this psalm.

Rabbi David Silber

Rabbi David Silber: A Prayer for Clarity

Rabbi David Silber is the founder of Drisha, renowned as an institute of deep learning and innovation in the United States and Israel. Also an author of a commentary on the haggadah and on Megillat Esther, Rabbi Silber shares commentary on Psalm 27.

Kirtar Rabbi One Thing I Seek

One Thing I Ask: Melodies for Ahat Sha’alti

Explore these soul-stirring, evocative, and diverse melodies for Ahat Sha-alti, taken from Psalm 27. This playlist features the voices of Chava Mirel, Yoni Genut, and BJ’s spiritual leaders.

Dorothy Richmond

Rabbi Dorothy Richman: Psalm 27 as Spiritual Practice

Rabbi Dorothy Richman serves as the rabbi of Makor Or: Jewish Meditation Center and is a founding faculty member of the Romemu Yeshiva. She released an album of original songs, Something of Mine, including the entire text of Psalm 27, available at

Rachel Cowan

Rabbi Rachel Cowan z”l: Reflections on the Ebb and Flow of Tides in Tebenkof Bay

Rabbi Rachel Cowan was a civil rights activist, community organizer, the first female Jew by choice ordained as a rabbi, and a beloved and influential mindfulness teacher at BJ and across the Jewish world. After she was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer, Rabbi Cowan’s life and legacy were profiled in the documentary Dying Doesn’t Feel Like What I’m Doing, which premiered this year. Here is an excerpt from that film.

Rabbi Nancy Flam

Rabbi Nancy Flam: My Heart Said “You”

Rabbi Nancy Flam is a pioneer in contemporary Jewish communal life. She co-founded the National Center for Jewish Healing and directed the Jewish Community Healing Program at the Bay Area Jewish Healing Center. She also co-founded the Institute for Jewish Spirituality, serving as its first executive director and then for many years as a senior program director.

Breaking down the Yamim Nora'im

Breaking Down Palm 27

Get the essentials of Psalm 27. How does this psalm relate to the High Holy Days? Where can I find this psalm, and what is it about? Learn more as we break down this psalm for Elul.

Nizahker Venikatev

Nizakher Venikatev: A Reflective Guide for Psalm 27

Looking to get rooted in the spiritual work of this season? Explore this reflective guide for the deeper messages for Psalm 27, the psalm for Elul, as we engage in the heart-opening work of preparing for the High Holy Days.

Makai Dorfman

Family Mindfulness Practice for Psalm 27

Join BJ Family Educator Makai Dorfman for this special meditation on Psalm 27 just for families. Life will always be filled with uncertainty about what’s ahead, which can often bring about anxiety, fear, and worry. And yet, even amid the chaos, we can find comfort in always being able to practice feeling safe through restoring our faith in the great mystery of life.