Bikkur Holim Committee

For BJ members undergoing or recovering from illness, our Bikkur Holim volunteers provide support and resources by:

  • Visiting people in hospitals, nursing homes, or in their own homes
  • Making phone calls to congregants who are homebound
  • Performing practical tasks such as shopping or running errands
  • Calling those whose names are on the Mi Sheberakh list for healing prayers on Shabbat morning
  • Helping congregants who are experiencing illness or facing surgery with person-to-person support

Please contact Galit Lopatin Bordereau if we may visit you at home or in the hospital, or help in any other way. We will contact you to plan together how we can best assist you.

Mi Sheberakh Healing List

Prayer can be a powerful source of spiritual support. Every Shabbat and holiday, we recite the Mi Sheberakh blessing, a prayer for those who are in need of healing. If you would like to add someone to the list so the community can pray on their behalf, please fill in the form below or contact Billie. The list is confidential and names are read silently during the prayer. 

Several times a year, volunteers call people who are on the list. If you would like to make calls, please contact Nancy Greenblatt.