Every year on Shavuot, as we prepare to remember the Revelation at Sinai and to receive Torah anew, the covenant between God and the Jewish people is renewed. It’s a bond of mutual obligation between us and God, and also between each of us to one another, where we accept the responsibility of building communities of love and care. This shemita year—as we take this journey from Pesah to Shavuot—we’ll begin the exciting process of developing our own B’nai Jeshurun community covenant: one rooted in the wisdom of our tradition, framed by the lived experience of our diverse community and inspired by your actual voice.

Join us as we engage in a communal study of Pirkei Avot, with space for personal reflection, spiritual practice, and musical exploration. And most importantly, we want to hear your voice through the Virtual Community Journal.

In the months after Shavuot, your reflections, ideas, and wisdom will be integrated and woven together to create the BJ Community Covenant, a statement of our values and commitments to one another, which will be shared with our community at the time of the High Holy Days. In the meantime, we invite you to join during this season as we move toward Shavuot, to learn and dream together about our BJ community renewed.

A Reflective Journal for Pirkei Avot

Come with us on a journey toward creating BJ’s Community Covenant: one rooted in the wisdom of our tradition, framed by the lived experience of our diverse community, and inspired by your actual voice.

Explore this new resource featuring text, artwork, journal prompts, and discussion questions.

Sinai Bound Playlists

Dive into weekly playlists curated for this initiative by Hadar’s Rising Song Institute. New playlists will be added weekly throughout the remainder of the Omer.

Virtual Community Journal