Perform With Us

Purim Spiel 2020

For Kindergarten—8th graders

Join us for our annual splashy, spectacular Spiel! The Spiel, open to kindergarten-eighth graders, is sure to be a hit. Interested in helping out behind the scenes? Great! We’re also looking for students who want to help run tech and play instruments during the show. Rehearsals will be on Shabbat afternoons from January-March, with several performances during Purim in March. Stay tuned for information about auditions and registration, which will take place in early December.

We Are Listening: Stories of the Shoah

A Multimedia Arts Project for 7th Graders

Seventh grade students will have the opportunity to interview and meaningfully connect with Holocaust survivors who are members of the BJ community. After speaking with them, the students will devise a piece of theater that uses multiple artistic mediums to share the survivors’ stories. The piece, which will include theater, visual art, and music, will be performed during BJ’s observance of Yom HaShoah. Together, we will explore what it means to bear witness, to tell the stories of our people, and to take on the important task of keeping these important accounts alive.

Midnight Madness

A 24-Hour Playmaking Shul-In for 9th-12th Graders

Calling all teens! Come spend the night at BJ, and, while you’re at it, make some plays! In this 24-hour extravaganza, teens will participate as actors, playwrights, or directors to create short plays based on Jewish texts and values. They’ll write and rehearse their plays in just 24 hours and perform them for the community the following evening. 9th-12th graders won’t want to miss this hilarious all-night theater experience.

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