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From Shemita to Social Justice: BJ Teen Trip

On February 17-22, 11th and 12th graders attended a service trip connected with this year of shemita. Sari Bovitz shares her reflections on the trip:

Over this past weekend, I traveled with 11 BJ Teens to Urban Adamah, a loving, accepting, and forward-thinking Jewish community in Berkeley, California. We were given the opportunity to think about a wide breadth of interconnected topics, including houselessness, food insecurity, climate change, and indigenous people’s liberation, through a Jewish lens. A major highlight of the trip was that our group was taken to visit the Gill Tract Community Farm, a sister farm to Urban Adamah, which has an incredibly inspiring origin story that you can learn about in the fascinating documentary “Occupy the Farm.” After listening to the wisdom of some of the leaders at Gill Tract, I walked away with a newfound appreciation of the power of community-based organizing and advocacy. I feel so blessed to be part of a Jewish community in NYC that motivates me to pursue social justice, and I was so amazed to visit a community with similarly aligned values across the country.